Health Benefits of Ice Skating

If you think that ice skating is just for fun, you are missing out. It is a good exercise for the whole family. Let us break down the health benefits you can get from ice skating activities. It’s a good recreational activity during the winter season.


It Lets You Exercise Your Mind and Awareness

Our brain has the capability to alert us if there is a danger that might harm us. It will intuitively tell us how we can adjust to our surroundings. According to researchers, ice skaters tend to have a higher neural activity while ice skating compared to doing other sports. The theory suggests that extreme temperature forces our brain to focus and shutdown noise. Mental fitness is a common issue in this modern world. Breaking your winter routines by doing active sports such as ice skating in cheapest hotels in Amsterdam central will help on depression and other minor mental health issues.

Improves Balance

skatingThere is such a thing as bad balance. It indicates that you are not physically training yourself. For people who sit on a chair for hours, they tend to lose their balance. Their muscle memory declines which result in poor balance. Doing exercises that require balance like biking and skating will improve muscle memory. If there is no ice skating rink near you, visit Amsterdam bike rental. But if it’s winter, your best bet is to ice skate. You may also get some gears from online shops promo codes. Use safety gears to protect your knees and back.

Good for the Joint and Flexibility

If you have a bad joint, ice skating is a good sport to dive into. Avoid extreme sports such as basketball or speed skating which will require you to jump. We highly recommend free skating activities in most Amsterdam city sights. It’s good for all ages. It’s gentle on your joints but lets you exercise and burn some calories during winter. Ice skating also improves your flexibility as you move major muscles in your body.