Safety Measures Before Entering the Ice Rink

Like any other sports, it all comes with pros and cons, yet a lot of people still enjoy sports. Even just standing on the ice with those metal blades could be dangerous to any untrained individuals. All professional ice skaters are well equipped and have done a lot of training and practice. Are you still worried that ice skating is unsafe? Don’t worry there are also coaches and trainers that are happy to assist you. Here is the list of safety measures before entering the ice rink.

Proper Equipment

Let’s start with safety helmets. It is the most important safety precaution for beginners. There is a lot of available equipment online. Check for offers & coupons to get discounts using an email sign up promo code. Since there are chances of falling, make sure the helmet fits perfectly. Next is you should always dress in layers to keep you warm and dry.

Ice Skate shoesskates

Do not buy skates that are too big for you and don’t wear thin socks or nylons inside skates. You should also never double up on socks. Tie skates snugly and up to the top. They should be stiff enough to offer support. Check on city beach to see if blades have been sharpened before getting on the ice because dull blades can lead to accidents.

Proper Etiquetteskating pair

Beginner skaters should leave room between them so if they fall they do not take the skaters down around them or hit anyone with a blade when they go down. When you fall get up quickly by getting on your knees first, put one knee up, and use your hands to push off the ice or your knee to get up. Just like in dinner cruise Amsterdam famous sights, you must know the proper decorum.

Choose safe rinks

Unfortunately, not all rinks are created equally. This can affect whether or not a rink is safe enough for your little ones to learn how to skate. We recommend going to indoor skating rinks. When you visit an ice rink in the Netherlands don’t forget to use rental cars coupon code & promo code for discounts. Outdoor rinks should be avoided since they often don’t have smooth surfaces or sideboards for safety.