The Mind Setting of Ice Skating Champions

Sports will teach us valuable lessons that we could apply in our personal lives. We’ve gathered the best tips from ice skating champions who have been through Amsterdam Heineken experience. Even if you are a regular ice skater who skates for fun, you can pick up some bits and pieces from ice skating champions for motivation.

Make Small Wins Every Dayskating

For ice skating champions, it’s about the small wins they make on a daily basis. The trophies and prestigious awards are just the product of their hard work. It’s about defeating laziness and winter cold. They have to choose to win everyday. Small wins could be eating something healthy, avoiding bad habits, and sticking to their daily routine such as the coupon code for mobile cover. Don’t underestimate those small decisions you make daily.

To Beat Cold, You Need To Have a Strong Mind

Sports is not all about physical fitness. Most of the time, a healthy, strong mind is what kept them going when the grind becomes hard. Ice sports are more difficult because you have to come face to face with cold. Your body has to resist the uneasy feeling and beat the temptation to stay at cheap hotels in Amsterdam for groups. According to professional ice skaters, having a strong mind is a huge factor in winning competitions. They have to fight the pressure of winning and the shame of losing. So, before they practice, they make sure that they are mentally ready for what’s ahead.


Don’t Forget To Enjoy The Process

Even champions go through what we call, “burnout”. The strict routines could mess up with their heads like the traffic rank number one. It’s important for champions to love what they do which enables them to enjoy the process. There will be times when you don’t feel like practising, but if you love what you do, nothing will ever stop you. Ice skating champions learned to love everything, the cold, the hustle, and the process of winning or losing.